Submission Platform

Submit your proposals for new parameters, or updates for both the ZDHC MRSL and the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines.


The ZDHC MRSL lists substances banned from intentional use in the production of apparel, textile, leather and footwer. Focusing on the input compliance rather than the tradtional end product compliance. The document details: substance identifiers, limits and test methods for each parameter.


ZDHC Wastewater and Sludge

The ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines states the wastewater quality requirements to be met by manufacturing facilities. Used to set the criteria by which facilities can monitor wastewater and sludge output. The document details: substance identifier, limits and test methods for each parameter.

Wastewater Guidelines

Submissions made via the platform will be considered through a transparent process and clear set of standards ensures an objective evaluation of proposals.